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In the Beginning There Was…Diet Coke and Power Bars?

Andrea Carneiro is the author of Jewish Cooking Boot Camp: The Modern Girl’s Guide to Cooking Like a Jewish Grandmother. She is guest-blogging this week on Jewcy, and this is her first post. It was about eight years ago that … Read More

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So Much for that David Mamet “Anne Frank” Movie

We here at Jewcy HQ were super-excited when Disney announced they had hired to David Mamet to write the script for a new movie based on The Diary of Anne Frank. After all, the story of a young Jewish girl … Read More

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Homeless for the Holidays

The week before Rosh Hashanah this year was not at all what I had expected.  On Sunday, while recovering from the flu, I paid bills, gave tzedakah and sent out a few holiday cards.  I got up and went to … Read More

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Atonement for Assholes

Organized religion is full of contradictions-for example, could God create a boulder so heavy that He cannot lift it, and then create a heavier boulder that would outweigh the combined bloat of Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh?-and here is one … Read More

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A Brief History of the Polish Resistance

When I first went to live in Poland in 1994, I didn’t know anything about the Polish resistance during the war. I first learned of it in one of the barrack displays at Auschwitz, but I thought then that the … Read More

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UNESCO Invokes Jewish Tiebreaker

The match-up between Bulgarian diplomat Irina Bokova and Egyptian culture minister Farouk Hosny had gone four excruciating rounds. The prize was the title of general director for UNESCO, the U.N. cultural and education agency charged with building "peace in the … Read More

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Picking Up Chicks at Yizkor

It seems that the best time to hit on girls at shul is at Yizkor. Their parents are usually inside and you can use pickup lines like "both my parents are alive, wanna party?" or "I see you still have … Read More

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CHAI SOCIETY: Hidden Melodies Revealed

This gallery contains 16 photos.

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