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J Street Video Frenzy

As you know, we’re at the J Street conference in Washington, DC. We sent out intrepid reporters with cameras to talk one-on-one with conference attendees and even gave some of our FlipCams to attendees to film each other. Below is … Read More

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From 34th Street to J Street

Ever since I was little, I’ve been able to do very special things. I get a lot of benefit from the fact that my father is a Rabbi. But that doesn’t all mean missing school to go to baby namings, … Read More

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Hunting the Tribes

Tamar D. Yellin is the author of Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes. She is guest-blogging on Jewcy this week, and this is her first post. Such are the vicissitudes of writing and publishing, nearly twelve years have passed between … Read More

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Citizens of the Same Family

It finally makes sense. After months of traveling in the East with an Israeli and being witness to the very low social boundaries Israelis have with one another, it finally makes sense. No matter where they are or whether they … Read More

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Peace Lobby Breaks from Left as Conference Approaches

J Street, the self-dubbed "pro-Israel, pro-peace" lobby, has visibly distanced itself from individuals and organizations on the left in advance of its first national convention. As neoconservative columnists and other hawkish pro-Israel voices mount pressure on members of congress to … Read More

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Jewcy + J Street + You

Next week, you’ll notice lots of things a-buzzing here at Jewcy. Jewcy is a media partner for the J Street conference in Washington, DC from October 25-28. We’ll be webcasting select keynote sessions starting with the opening plenary Sunday, October … Read More

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A Week in the Life of The Jewish Princess – Friday

So once again it is Friday, another week has flown by. Monday I was in bed watching Flash Forward and before I know it, flash forward and it’s Friday. It must be an age thing, because I don’t know where … Read More

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The Goyls Next Door

As I’m sure you’re all aware, last week marked the launch of the sixth season of “The Girls Next Door,” E!’s reality show about life at the Playboy mansion. Kendra, Holly and Bridget are out, and Crystal, Kristina and Karissa … Read More

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