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Is the Obama Administration Simply Apathetic or Antagonistic?

Is the leftist Obama administration simply naive and apathetic when it comes to Israel, or antagonistic? Let actions (or lack thereof) speak for themselves. Let us investigate the strategies used by administration members both before and after Obama’s election, which … Read More

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The Debate: Eating Meat (or not) at the Hazon Food Conference

The Jew and The Carrot is Hazon’s blog about Jews, food and contemporary life.  According to their mission: “The blog has a diverse and inclusive community, where we welcome readers and volunteer writers from across the Jewish denominational spectrum, and … Read More

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How I Invented Jewish Studies at My Catholic University

When I was applying to colleges three years ago, I had no intentions of becoming so invested in my own Jewishness. In fact, I was unawareI even had any Jewishness to call my own. So it’s no surprise that I … Read More

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The Jews of Lebanon: Another Perspective

On November 11 Jewcy published a piece by Isaac Binkovitz applauding a project to renovate the Maghen Avraham synagogue in Beirut. "Although it would be a miracle if the community were ever to regain even a mere half of its … Read More

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Hanukkah Gone Metal

I guess Jewish Metal is something that has always been a part of me.  The first album I ever bought was Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry, a schmaltzy collection of hard rock from one of Long Island’s many amazing (and partially-Jewish) bands. … Read More

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Baruch Busted For Blow

Gawker reports that English rabbi Baruch Chalomish is on trial for allegedly selling drugs, having been charged with running a "commercial cocaine-supply operation" alongside his partner, Nasir Abbas. The original story in the London Times says the Rabbi "set up … Read More

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Battle of the Milk Alternatives

t’s sort of funny when two worlds collide unexpectedly, especially when one comes to the aid of the other. Take for example my recent search for the perfect milk alternative. I don’t dislike good ol’ cow’s milk, nor am I … Read More

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Miley Cyrus Thinks “Twilight” Is a Cult

Ask the average American teenager (well, the female ones at least) what their favorite book is, and odds are good that he or she will say Twilight. The series, a supernatural love story between a high school girl and a … Read More

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