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Once, Twice, Three Times a Jewcy

Dear The Internets, It’s me, Craig. …If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be here now, writing this, a post to honor Jewcy on its 3rd birthday — well… I guess that would’ve made sense. But if you’d … Read More

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Iowa Court Finds Rubashkin Guilty On 86 Charges

An Iowa court has just handed down 86 guilty verdicts against Sholom Rubashkin, former owner of the AgriProcessors kosher meatpacking plant in Postville. Here’s a broadcast of the news as it broke on a station in Sioux Falls:    

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The Jewish Bridezilla

Bridezillas, the cable reality show that could alternately be titled Crazy Bitches Getting Married and Treating Everyone Around them Like Shit, leaves no stereotypical stone unturned. For African-American brides, the show plays bad hip-hop elevator music in the background. Southern … Read More

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Charter for Compassion: Interfaith Beyond Kumbaya

As an interfaith child, I tend to avoid "interfaith" conferences. Religious leaders inevitably describe the ideal interfaith encounter as one in which we must gird our religious loins in order to cross a bridge and embrace the "other," without being … Read More

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PHOTO ESSAY: The Jews of Tijuana

Journalist Paul Rockower spent several weeks visiting and studying the small but charismatic Jewish community of Tijuana, Mexico. In addition to creating this photo gallery, he wrote an essay about his experiences which you can read here. For more photos, … Read More

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The Hebrew Word for “Holy”

Last night, as I was reading comments to yesterday’s post, Multiple Spirituality Disorder, it finally occurred to me that I may be witnessing a generational shift in attitudes and perspectives toward interfaith dialogue and identity. (Does that make me a … Read More

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Will the Tel Aviv Smoking Ban Affect My Sex Life?

I staggered home this morning from my local pub on Bograshov Street red eyed, wheezing and smelling like my seventy year-old chain smoking travel agent, Shoshana. The thing is, I don’t even smoke. I am getting tired of having to … Read More

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Real Talk Parsha: Chayei Sarah

Well, after last week’s virtual cornucopia of cannon fodder, we’re left with fairly slim pickings this week, what with Sarah dying and Abraham buying the Cave Machpelah [haggling yet again].  But, for all those people who hate reality TV and/or … Read More

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