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The D’Var Torah For Christmas

Let’s face facts: a ton of Jews celebrate Christmas. Half of all Jews are in interfaith relationships. And many other Jews of the more "secular" flair choose Christmas because of its connection to Americanism (such was the case of Irving … Read More

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Jewcy Needs Interns!

Jewcy needs interns! Are you an intern who needs Jewcy? We’re seeking editorial interns for spring 2010 – from January to May, thereabouts. Applicants should be college students, grad students, or recent grads based in the New York City area … Read More

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Why Christmas Kicks Hanukkah’s Ass

"I’m a Jew, a lonely Jew-I’d be merry but I’m Hebrew-on Chrissssssssstmasssssssss…"         -Kyle Broflovski, South Park This won’t make me popular in some neurotic circles, but my Hebrew name means "The Bringer of Light" so I am going … Read More

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Redesigning Birthright for the Next Decade

Since its founding in 1999, Taglit-Birthright Israel’s mandate has been to renew and strengthen the relationship between Israel and the Diaspora. Over the past decade, it has proudly sent more than 200,000 young Jews from around the world on a … Read More

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Ozzy Osbourne Thinks Christmas Sucks

Here’s some good news for all you grinches out there – you’re not alone. Rocker-cum-reality-star Ozzy Osbourne thinks Christmas sucks. Here are some hilarious quotes from a recent interview: "I had a Christmas number one [single]. The only thing is … Read More

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Jewish Porn Star Evan Seinfeld Is Back on the Market

Good news, ladies: Evan Seinfeld, the Jewish porn star, musician, and actor is back on the market. He and Tera Patrick, also a porn star, have just announced that they are divorcing. The announcement is conveniently timed, as Patrick has … Read More

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Sketchy Santas

The blog Sketchy Santas posts pictures of exactly that – mall Santas who seem a little more full of liquor than of holiday cheer. This terrifying photo gallery will make you glad that your parents never took you to sit … Read More

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Help Bring Jewish Music to the African Desert

The Touareg people, nomads from the south of the Sahara in Northern Mali, West Africa, have a longstanding tradition of coming together for annual meetings called Takoubelt. These congregations allow them to reconnect with each other, have fun, resolve conflicts … Read More

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