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Have Yourself a Merry Little Shoplifted Christmas

As the economy struggles to recover, many families have scaled back their holiday gift-giving this year. But instead of preaching about anti-commercialization or how the real meaning of the holidays is religion/spending time with family/love, one priest took a decidedly … Read More

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5 Famous Christmas Songs Written by Jewish Songwriters

1. “White Christmas” – While there are more than five Christmas carols written by Jewish songwriters, I thought I’d just cover my favorites, starting with not only the most famous Christmas song written in modern times, but according to the … Read More

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Real Talk Parsha: Miketz

Last week on "Joseph: The Series" [Yep, I’m running this soap opera trope to the ground. Hopefully you’ve all recovered from last week’s drinkalong], Joseph tells Pharoah’s Butler to remember him. Which, of course, he doesnt. [drink]. Meanwhile, apparently Pharoah’s … Read More

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Bets On Who Stole the “Arbeit Macht Frei” Sign from Auschwitz Begin Now

The famous (infamous?) "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign that hung at the entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp was stolen early this morning. Avner Shalev, the chairman of Yad Vashem, said "The theft of such a symbolic object is an attack … Read More

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Being a Dreidel Playa Is Way More Fun Than Playing Dreidel

Check out this pretty funny song from the Holiday Party Record "This is Your Brain on Xmas."  Full disclosure: the album is a project by JDub friend Anne Cook.  That said, there’s some very funny stuff on the record though … Read More

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Shmuley Boteach Hitches His Wagon to Tiger Woods’ Tarnished Star

If there’s a Jewish, quasi-Jewish, or non-Jewish celebrity who needs spiritual guidance of the Old Testament variety, they can count on Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to be close at hand. And it just so happens that Shmuley is in the market … Read More

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Do You Want to Friend This Dead Child?

"My name is Henio Zytomirski. I am seven-years-old. I live on 3 Szewska Street in Lublin." So begins the profile of Heino Zytomirski, a young addition to Facebook. Why should we care? Because Heino is dead-a young victim of the … Read More

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Chrismukkah? No, Thanks.

So as Chanukah winds down, I thought I’d address something that bothers me (and apparently Lilit Marcus, our editor around these parts), just a lil bit: "Chrismukkah." [sigh] Yeah, I get it. Why have two separate consumeristic commercialized juggernauts when … Read More

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