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Iran, My Friend Marla, and $13 Million

I re-met Marla Bennett at Pardes in 2001.  We knew each other through friends as teenagers, but developed a relationship and shared a tight social circle during my Junior Year abroad in Jerusalem.  After she and fellow Pardes-nik (and DJ) … Read More

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Netanyahu Not Welcoming the Strangers (from Egypt!) Who Want to Do the Jobs No Israeli Wants to Do

Sometimes it seems there is a disconnect between what American Jews believe is moral for Israel, and what they believe is moral for the U.S.   YNET reports: "Infiltrators cause cultural, social and economic damage, and pull us towards the Third World," … Read More

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The J-Diet

Finding myself single yet again, I’ve realized it’s time to focus on self-improvement. This means both, as my sister put it, "not dressing like a lazy hooker" and returning to my favorite diet so I can get back down to … Read More

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AJC Reality Check

Chutzpah, I know, but this post is a plug for a new internet TV show which I write and produce for the American Jewish Committee, Reality Check. Jewish organizations have long-had a reputation for being a bit stuffy and out … Read More

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Why Many Jewish Outreach Workers Ignore Half-Jewish People

Jewish outreach professionals complain constantly that younger Jews with two Jewish parents are bored with Judaism and are constantly wandering off to join Buddhist zendos and Hindu ashrams, conjuring up an image of disobedient and insolent young lambs scattering defiantly … Read More

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Tip of the Week: Don’t Fly While Being Jewish

Another day, another purported terrorism scare at a New York City-area airport. Today, it’s out of LaGuardia, where a flight to Louisville had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia after a passenger’s use of a religious item caused flight … Read More

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Chase Bank Will Have to Wait if Jewish Non-Profit Wins $1M

If you are shomer shabbos and buy a Sweet Million lottery ticket, you can’t check to see if you’ve won on Shabbat, right? Well, no big deal, because the chance of winning that lottery are about as good as an … Read More

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Jews and Plastic Surgery

Three weeks ago, I wrote about the Matzah Ball, the “revolutionary” Jewish singles party on Christmas Eve, a.k.a the sleaziest Jewish-themed event I’ve ever been to. At the Matzah Ball, as I wrote, there was a table offering plastic surgery … Read More

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