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Everything Is G-d, and Nothing Makes A Lot of Sense

"You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?" – Western sage Steven Wright Anyone involved in new age spiritual Judaic practice has probably heard of Jay Michaelson; his influence extends to books, articles, publications, spiritual retreats, speaking tours and … Read More

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An Ode to Jewish New York

If you’re a fan of the New York Yankees, enjoy rap music, or own a radio, you’ve probably heard Jay-Z’s "Empire State of Mind" about a million times. The hit single, which features Alicia Keys singing the hook, has already … Read More

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Marc Jacobs Introduces … Hitler’s Handbag?

Designers often credit the music they listen to as the inspiration for their collections. Clearly Marc Jacobs is into showtunes – The Producers’ tune "Springtime for Hitler" has never been illustrated in fashion more vividly than in Jacobs’ Fluo Passementary … Read More

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Music, History, and How I Found My Jewish Voice

My name is Clare Burson. I write songs, sing, and play the guitar and the violin. I have independently released 2 full length albums of my own material and am preparing to release the third on Rounder Records sometime this … Read More

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IDF Puts Terrorism on the Back Burner to Target Supermodel

Haaretz reported this morning that the Israeli Defense Force’s Major General Avi Zamir has recently declared his lastest target: supermodel and Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl Bar Refaeli. At a lecture he gave at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, … Read More

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Duck Bacon Three-Way

The first time I tried it, I was in a group.  The second time, it was with a married man.  The last time, I was alone and loved every minute of it.  It had started while I was doing my … Read More

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Orthodox Union Poll Bolsters Need to Keep Baalei Teshuvah Poor

I have long railed against the Orthodox Union and its double-headed outreach group, NCSY and the JSU, for funneling public school teens to haredi places whose trajectories, if followed properly, will lead the indoctrinated to poverty. The problem is that … Read More

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The Latest Round-up of Awesome Jimmy Carter Apology News

For those of you keeping track at home, the Jimmy Carter Apology Express has NOT been met at the station by the always apoplectic ZOA (Zionist Organization of America). Jimmy Carter (former U.S. President, peanut enthusiast, and erotica writer), in … Read More

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