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The Tao of a Fug

Even though they have been around for five decades, and have their share of mentions in many anthologies about the 60’s, The Fugs really have never gotten the due they deserve.  Today, the folks over at Tablet are helpign to … Read More

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Dorky Looking Israelis Might be Cold-Blooded Killers

Looking at the photos of the eleven people that the European media has identified as participating in the assassination of a Hamas official, here is what I see: the dude telling me my home is about to be repossessed, the … Read More

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Johnny Cash and His Jewish Pals

With the sixth installment of Johnny Cash’s "American Recordings" out this week, we get what is possibly the last output of an American music titan.  While Cash’s legend was created and cultivated alongside Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis in … Read More

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Shtetl Fabulous on Ice

Alexandra and Roman Zaretsky really took one for the home team yesterday, doing their "Shtetl on Ice" routine by donning somewhat conservative attire (even though I think Alexandra looked like a goth version of the St. Pauli’s Girl Beer logo), … Read More

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The Friday Jewce

Tiger Wood, Tiger Shmoods.  Of course Rabbi Shmuley has an opinion on the golf legends speech.  Feh to Tiger Woods!  Feh!  The same goes to Leno!  Feh to Leno!  I liked the Irish guy more.  I think this is what … Read More

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Four Badass Jewish Olympians

In honor of the Vancouver Games, we present to you four Jews with Olympic gold who could probably kick your ass.  1. Laura Spector The only member of our group currently in Vancouver can ski and shoot a rifle.   … Read More

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In The Battle Between Miley Cyrus and Boro Park, It Is Clear That Brooklyn Has Lost

Thanks to the lovely invention that is the Facebook newsfeed, I stumbled onto this YouTube video astutely titled "Party In Brooklyn Today."  It seems that our protagonist, hereforth known as Yid in Orange Polo, thought he had what it takes … Read More

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Doom, Gloom, and the Pew Research Center

A quick glance at the newest studies coming from the Pew Research Center seem to be confirming what all of our Jewish grandmothers have bemoaned for longer than we can remember: the Millennial generation is perpetuating the death of the … Read More

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