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150 Years of Sholem

Taking into consideration that Russia wasn’t using the Gregorian calendar until after the Revolution of 1917, today is the day that Sholem Aleichem was born, 150 years ago in what you know as Ukraine. While I harbor a deep, personal … Read More

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The Mad Myth of Israeli Organ Theft

At the start of last week, Baroness Jenny Tonge, the Liberal Democrat health spokesperson in the UK House of Lords, told the Jewish Chronicle that Israel should launch an independent inquiry to disprove allegations that its medical rescue teams in Haiti are ‘harvesting … Read More

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Focus and The Phoenix Jewish Film Fest

Why is the Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival better than the New York Jewish Film Festival?  For starters, my mother is on the board of directors (in full disclosure/hi mom!).  In all seriousness though, the answers is focus. The New … Read More

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A Silence to Break: The Ear and the Mouth

It is hard to imagine what it is like to be an Israeli soldier in the occupied territories.  Most soldiers who served in the Gaza Strip or in the West Bank do not enjoy discussing their military experiences – it … Read More

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The Psychoanalyst and Adolf’s Art

British auctioneers, Mullock’s, are placing a painting signed, "A. Hitler 1910" on the block in March, which was reportedly owned by famous Jewish psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud. This is entirely possible, as Hitler and Freud lived in Austria around the same … Read More

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The Daily Jewce

"Sherlock Holmes with a dash of Woody Allen. Philip Roth and Stephen King. Mystery plus comedy. Detective novel meets Yiddish folk tale".  That review either totally sells me on The Fifth Servant, or makes me think it’s time to start … Read More

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Jewish Boxers Dream Ruthlessly Blocked by Bar Mitzvah

Jewish boxing champion Yuri Foreman wants to defend his championship at Yankee Stadium, but his first opponent (before facing former welterweight titleholder Miguel Cotto) might have to be a Bar Mitzvah boy who wants to hold his celebration at the … Read More

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28 Days, 28 Ideas: Idea #16

Life is a process of continuous growth.  While the age of thirteen is indeed a Jewish milestone, Chai Mitzvah believes that one’s exploration and learning of their Jewish commitments should be experienced throughout life.  Whether it be the on 31st, … Read More

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