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Glenn Beck and the Art of Haiku

You know when you’re in an argument with someone and they bring up Hitler as a way to either make you feel like crap, or just put an end to the conversation?  For example:  you’re discussing the benefits of a … Read More

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Obama and Netanyahu: Worst Date Ever

Bibi had it all figured out: the finest local produce, farm raised chicken, a few really nice bottles of wine, and a little conversation with his buddy Barack Obama.  Just two dudes hanging out, talking about settlements, solutions, maybe even … Read More

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A Pre-Shabbat Blessing: Pauly Shore Drunk at Disneyland Sometime in the 90’s

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The Weekly Yiderati

South Park on Catcher on the Rye.  Brilliant You can never have too much Deborah Eisenberg.  The Millions give us a double shot of her.  We tried asking The Paris Review if their new editor, Lorin Stein, is, ya know…one … Read More

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Joel Pollak: The Jewish Republican You Might Really Like

Sure the Republicans got defeated by health care, but can you ever really count them out?  Of course you can’t!  Sooner or later some new names are going to kickstart things, and before you know it, the right is running … Read More

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I Don’t Care if it’s not Kosher for Passover, I Want to be Tied up Like a Challah

‘Tis the season to commemorate our great-great-baba to the nth power’s feat of escaping bondage back in the old-old-Old Country.  After reading en masse with the fam, get down to some real Passover partying with a kinky Jew in the boudoir … Read More

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Top Ten David Cross Moments

Has it really been six years since the last David Cross comedy album came out?  Checking the stats, and…yes, It’s Not Funny came out in 2004, making the news that Cross is putting out Bigger and Blackerer on April 10th, … Read More

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Good For The Jews go Unplugged for Pesach

Good For the Jews give us a little (revisionist) history on this Passover joint that may or may not confuse your grandmother if you play it at the family Seder next week.   Listen: "They Tried to Kill Us, We Survived, … Read More

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