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Asher Roth Wins “Best Mixtape Title of the Year” Award

I’m sure you might be asking "is Seared Foie Gras With Quince and Cranberry" any good?  Well you don’t have to wait long for your answer: you can just download it here for free. Mr. Roth, you can e-mail the … Read More

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Invite Me to Your Persian Seder

After reading the recent New York Times Passover love fest of the last few days, I have decided a few things: 1.  I’m done with this Ashkenazi stuff.  You want me to come over to your house, 2 words: Persian … Read More

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The Circle of Life: From Crown Heights to Disney World

Q: What do frat boys, Miley Cyrus fans, and the couple of people who still take "Hasidic reggae" seriously have in common? A: The Disney Reggae Club! I know a lot of these old reggae guys need to make money … Read More

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Haggadahs for the Wise, Wicked, Simple, and Those Who Don’t Know How To Ask

As the owner of ModernTribe, I’m sent many Haggadahs to review and consider. Truly, I have more than two dozen versions scattered on bookshelves throughout my house. Once hopeful that one would show up and be the perfect Haggadah, last … Read More

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Collecting Schindler’s List

One of Oskar Schindler’s famous lists that saved thousands of lives during WW2, is up for sale, and will go for 2.2 million dollars.  The item will not be auctioned off, instead it will be sold to the person most … Read More

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Lady Gaga Wishes Shaya and Perry Mazal Tov

This is one of those ‘see it to believe it’ situations, but I’ll try and describe the video above the best I can: a Hasidic band at a Hasidic wedding plays a cover of Lady Gaga’s "Paparazzi", except they replace … Read More

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Sleater-Kinney: Not Dead Yet

Not that I don’t enjoy reading just about everything Carrie Brownstein writes over at her Monitor Mix blog, but I couldn’t resist yelling out a Marv Albert style: “Yesssss”, as soon as I read that Brownstein and former S-K cohort, … Read More

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Marty Beckerman Hurts His Penis

Marty Beckerman goes the distance in his investagative journalism: reading Cosmo, and taking their sex advice.  Marty, you’re a better man than I.  

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