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The Four Questions: Rachel Shukert

I think it’s safe to say that Rachel Shukert can claim the title of “Best Book Written About Being a Jew from Nebraska”, with her 2008 memoir, Have You no Shame?: And Other Regrettable Stories. Two years later, Shukert is … Read More

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When Lieberman isn’t Available, Eric Cantor is the Douchiest Jew in Congress

Ah Eric Cantor, if it weren’t for your buddy John Boehner, and whoever the brave soul who yelled "baby killer" at Bart Stupak was, you would be waking up this morning with the trophy for "biggest douchebag of the night" … Read More

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Breaking! President Obama Dark Past as a “Shabbos Goy” Uncovered! Glenn Beck Wets Himself

This is probably my liberal-New York-Jewboy sensibilities kick in, but should I be worried that "the wrong kind of people" are going to read David Remnick’s piece in the upcoming issue of The New Yorker and think: "I don’t know … Read More

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National Day of Unplugging: Shabbos is all the Rage

I’m sitting here at my desk.  In front of me is one telephone, one iPhone, a cup of coffee, and two computer screens.  One screen has my Tweetdeck on it, and the other, well, I’m using it to write this.  … Read More

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A Pre-Shabbat Blessing: Emily Gould and Sam Lipsyte “Cooking Books”

Sam stops by Emily Gould’s kitchen to do a little "cooking". 

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You Might be White Trash if… You Have Sex With a Woman Who Dresses Like a Nazi

1.  Your name is Jesse James 2.  You allegedly have sex with a woman who dresses up like a Nazi, and has "W.P." tattooed on her legs.  Tmz reports: "The woman who reportedly had an affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband … Read More

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Photo of the Day: Anti-Israel Protesters Ruin SXSW “Buzz”

Nothing says "statement" more than dressing up in the finest Top Shop and Urban Outfitters gear, taking a trip to a hip music conference, and telling the world how bad Israel is for having musicians. 

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Silly Things Rabbis Say: World not “Compassionate” Enough for Vegetarians

You know those times where you think a rabbi makes sense, but you also think he might be bat-shit crazy?  Let’s use Rabbi Dov Lioras an example: "We still are not compassionate towards people in our times, so having mercy on … Read More

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