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Is Your Bathroom Hasidic Accessible?

The Village Voice tipped us off to this gem, which adorns the bathroom doors at the Williamsburg Rec Center.  I guess they just wanted to make sure no one goes into the wrong one; though, I’m pretty sure the woman’s … Read More

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The Ira Glass Infatuation Post/This American Life Roundup: “True Urban Legends”

One of the sexiest things about men like say, Woody Allen or Richard Feynman, is the capacity of their minds. Not only are they brilliant, but also giving with their intelligence in such a way that generously takes your psyche … Read More

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Hardcore: The Official Soundtrack to Nazi Ass Kicking

Real Talk: Nearly twice a day I fantasize about beating up Nazis.  I’m not talking Inglorious Bastards killing and scalping, I’m talking more along the lines of giving a good solid ass whooping to some white trash, swastika wearing douchebag, … Read More

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Hava Nagilah Forever!

If you ask somebody to sing a Jewish song, good chance they’ll inevitably hum "Hava Nagilah."  A new documentary tries to figure out exactly why that’s the case. 

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Tevye the Cottage Cheese Man

My girlfriend has this friend who calls into question the masculinity of any male who eats yogurt.  She just feels like dudes shouldn’t partake in the Dannon.  I wonder what she would say if she caught a glimpse of some … Read More

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Starlee Kine Brings Weeps to a Whole new Level

I was a little curious as to what Starlee Kine was going to do for her issue of “object based publication”, The Thing.  Anytime I’ve seen her read live or listened to her on This American Life, I’ve always thought … Read More

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Is There no Refuge for Hasidic Weed Dealers?

A popular party for Orthodox outcasts might be closing up shop for good this time.  The Forward reports that the Manhattan meet up, Chulent (which we’ve heard described as a "Hasidic Animal House, but with better drugs"), is being kicked … Read More

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Kate Hudson and Small Breasted Jewish Women

Why do I care about the fact that Kate Hudson may or may not have gotten breast implants?  I’ve been following this for two reasons: 1.  I have a secret crush on Kate Hudson.  Who doesn’t? 2.  Like Hudson, I … Read More

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