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Happy Jew York City Day, Peter Stuyvesant!

For those of you who aren’t dorky enough to keep up on your history, today marks the 355th anniversary of the day when the Dutch rejected Peter Stuyvesant’s request to banish the "deceitful race" of the Jews out of what … Read More

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April has Been a Stellar Month for Asshole Fundamentalists

There was little doubt in any of our minds that Trey Parker and Matt Stone putting the Prophet Muhammad in a bear costume on an episode of South Park would push some buttons, but was I was surprised that it … Read More

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The Sunday Jewce: A Spitzer Boner, Anti-Israel Pop Music, A Solomon Schechter Teacher’s Miracle and More

Spitzer screwed up again!  The Daily Beast says he should have shown up to the Tribeca Film Festival premier of the documentary about his fall from grace: "He probably would have received a standing ovation from the A-list audience of … Read More

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The Weekly Lipa

Much to our disappointment, Lipa did not tweet much this week – but the little he did was more than enough to give us our weekly dose of his ESL antics. As per usual, one of Lipa’s friends celebrated the … Read More

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Baruch Herzfeld for Mayor?

After meeting with Baruch Herzfeld for an hour last week, a thought crossed my mind that I’m sure he’s already had: he should run for mayor of New York. I was blindsided by the idea after two employees of the … Read More

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Best Thing of the Week: Neutral Uke Hotel

When Shawn Fogel wants to moonlight from his bands The Macaroon and The LeeVees, he calls his friend Josh Cohen, picks up his ukulele plays some Neutral Milk Hotel songs and calls the whole thing "Neutral Uke Hotel." Jewcy is … Read More

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Woody Goes to Paris

Since Woody Allen has failed to make a decent New York film in the last decade (sorry, Whatever Works was pretty awful), we always welcome him going across the pond to get away from the type urban neurotics we work … Read More

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The Weekly Yiderati

If the picture of Samuel Beckett looking like a confused Boca Raton grandfather wasn’t enough to get your attention, Emily Gould, Seymour Krim and Nathanael West all make appearances in the latest issue of Bookforum. Good week for Justin Taylor: … Read More

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