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My Dream of Starting a Band Called Goy Division is Over

Somebody beat me to the punch! a kosher supergroup of biblical (Old Testament, naturally) proportions! With a cover sleeve that spoofs the insanely rare Sordide Sentimental Joy Division "Licht und Blindheit" 7" that came out decades ago, this single will … Read More

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Videos From Why Be Jewish: Engaging the Sacred

Taylor Krauss, Founder of Voices of Rwanda, talks about how being Jewish affects his work in Rwanda. See more of the videos here. 

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Jewcy Gets Avigdor Lieberman a Prison Bitch Name

Not that we’re sitting here wishing that the other Liberman we love to hate would go to jail for obstructing a police investigation in 2008 (that’s a lie, we are), but with the possibility that the hawkish Foreign Minister could … Read More

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Indie Rock Is My Siddur

It’s pretty cool to have a day job that involves writing and editing a siddur. But to be honest, at the end of the day, I really just looked forward to blasting my stereo on the way home from the office … Read More

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Jewcy Interviews: Emily Gould

Emily Gould’s memoir And the Heart Says Whatever is out this month from Free Press. A cautionary tale on the perils of the overshare the book was already making serious news amongst a certain set before it was actually even … Read More

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Talking With the Creator of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

The rational world first found out that Mohammed couldn’t be drawn in 2005 when Danish Newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, posted 12 editorial cartoons depicting Mohammed, creating violent protest across the Muslim World. Recently, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone created … Read More

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Jeffrey Lewis Cooler Than Elvis Costello

Here’s a good idea for Elvis Costello: instead of bailing on your shows, maybe donate some of the money you make to an organization like Jeffrey Lewis is doing. All of Jeffrey’s proceeds from his shows in Israel go to … Read More

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Sunday Jewce: Boycotting Dio, Hot Dogs and Hummus, Shel Silverstein Gets Mystical, and More

The Westboro Baptist Church is going to boycott the funeral of Ronnie James Dio.  If for some reason you didn’t hate the W.B.C. before, now is as good a time as any to jump on the bandwagon. After writing an … Read More

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