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Wearing A Yarmulke Got Me Laid

Day three of a tour with my band Can!!Can, and I’m in a Walmart in Auburn, Alabama getting hit on by hot Jewish girls. It’s not that I’m attractive, really. It’s the fact that I wear kippot almost everywhere I … Read More

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The Resurrection of Seymour Krim

The literary outlaw isn’t the same romantic figure as Bonnie & Clyde, Johnny Cash or Billy the Kid.  People like Joan Didion, Norman Mailer and Terry Southern aren’t folk heros in the eyes of the public — they’re simply writers.  … Read More

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Monday Jewce: Elena Kagan: WASP Exterminator, Jews on a Boat, Bad Wood and More

Harvard Professor Noah Feldman in a New York Times  Op-Ed on the possibility of there being no white Protestants left sitting in the Supreme Court if Elena Kagan is nominated.  And in case you needed a drinking game to go … Read More

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Fifty First (J) Dates: Do We Know When to Stop?

Here’s the little caveat about JDate. It’s great. It’s basically a smorgasbord of intelligent, successful young Jewish men. You get to make your own sandwich from this smorgasbord — some pickles, a few sprinkles of humor, three slices of Red … Read More

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Apparently Tzipi Livni is Like the Wu-Tang Clan…

In that she ain’t nothing to f*ck with. The Israeli opposition leader (and spokeswoman for a two-state solution) talked to Deborah Solomon in the New York Times Magazine, and pulled some Nostradamus stuff, making a pretty hefty proclamation: You lost … Read More

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The Sunday Mazel: Yiddish isn’t Dying, it’s Getting Married

Note to all you singles out there: your bashert might be on a KlezKamp bus. In a week when all the last names in the New York Times “Weddings/Celebrations” section scream INTERMARRIAGE (Schulman/Walden, Melville/Golding, Cohen/Hessel), Yael Kornfeld and Avram Mlotek … Read More

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The Helen Thomas Travel Plan

When Helen Thomas declared that Jews have no place in Israel and should go home to Germany and Poland, she unleashed a current of outrage within the American Jewish community.  How dare she suggest, they wondered, that Jews should return … Read More

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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Moroccan Oil

Hot oil hair treatments are for women with too much time on their hands. There, I said it. If you have enough time at night to go home, wait for your treatment to heat, apply it, spend the hours it … Read More

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