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365 Days of not Caring that Michael Jackson Died

When I was five I had this dream that was so terrifying, that it’s stuck with me my entire life.  I don’t remember most of the specifics, but it ends with Michael Jackson, in werewolf form from the "Thriller" video, … Read More

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I Guess There’s a Fine Line Between JDate and Prostitution

A: Can I borrow you Friday – Monday for an exotic vacation, all expenses paid. I was going with this girl who started to get psycho so i tried to revert back to being friends and that didn’t work out … Read More

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Best Song Today: Dark Dark Dark, “Daydreaming”

  I’m a harsh critic when it comes to any of these folky-indie groups because a) there’s so many of them, and b) I get all of my folk from punkier acts on Plan It X Records and the like. … Read More

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The Weekly Yiderati:Catcher in the Rye Movie, Hitchens Podcasted, Shteyngart Hangs with M.I.A., and More

Coming soon:  The Catcher in the Rye on the silver screen. Marcy Dermansky, author of Bad Marie, defends Scarlett Johansson’s record.     Also coming soon: the David Mamet graphic novel.  Christopher Hitchens in the Times Review podcast.  An interview with … Read More

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The Weekly Man v. Food Review: Cleveland Rocks?

This week, when Adam Richman traveled to Cleveland, Ohio for  "Man V. Food", he proved a point that I’ve been pondering for some time now: most of the middle states have a really awful grasp on what passes as cuisine. … Read More

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Reviewed: “New York Street Games”

My grandmother grew up in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn during the 1920’s and would occasionally tell me about neighborhood kids playing stickball, stoopball, kick the can and a series of other games that, to a boy raised on Sega … Read More

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Young Christian Adult Novels Don’t Sound too Awesome

Slate recently wrote about the huge business that is Christian Young Adult novels, and it got me thinking about the first books that spoke to me as a kid with great nostalgia and warmth.  I always think of Lord of … Read More

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Kosher Pizza Just got Crappier

If you want to invest some money, don’t trust Jack Abramoff.  If you want to sell some kosher pizza, maybe consider hiring the former lobbyist to help you out.  That’s the logic that Tov Pizza in Baltimore is using, as … Read More

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