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Fifty First (J) Dates: The Fine Art of the Rebound

This was written by a good friend (and finally on Fifty First (J)Dates, a dude!) who granted me the intellectual property rights. But I mean, I wrote the funny bits. Rebounds have always been grey area under the general umbrella term … Read More

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Help Pick a Good Shul for Amar’e Stoudemire

I knew there was more to Amar’e Stoudemire’s decision to play basketball in New York.  According to the JTA, the power forward is on a trip to Israel after learning he had Jewish roots.  So who will make a mitzvah … Read More

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The Ira Glass Infatuation Post/This American Life Roundup: Origin Story

It’s a fine week for the Hamptons, which is where I’m guessing Ira slipped away to as they replay the infatuating episode, Origin Story. I’m confident that while he’s working on his tan, the lessons from this week’s relic show … Read More

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Oy and Oi

There are a ton of awesome Jews in the punk rock family tree. While writing my novel Falling Is Like This, the main character Harper Rostov is Jewish, and she falls in love with Nick Cavallaro, a punk rock legend … Read More

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The 21-Year-Old Liberal Zionist: Youth not in Revolt

In recent years, a curious change in discourse about the State of Israel has occurred within study halls, university campuses, and newspaper pages all across the Western world.  It appears curious in that while logically we can see that right-wing … Read More

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The Opinionated Jewish Man: When People We Don’t Care About say Anti-Semitic Things

It’s been a truly exceptional month if you care about people with wilting careers.  Obviously you, your mother, your second cousin, your dog, and your next door neighbor who remixed Mel ranting at the Double Rainbow guy all had a … Read More

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Julie Klausner Conversation About Musical Theater Gets Meta

We’ve proven time and time again that we are fans of Julie Klausner, and for that I tried my damnedest to read her piece on The Awl about "the recent life of the American musical."  But I think things got … Read More

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Speaking up for the Bu-Jus

I used to share an office with a guy named Alex, an observant Jew, at a job that gave us lots of time to sit around talking about politics and religion and the meaning of life. Alex told me about … Read More

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