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Facebook Doesn’t Want Jews or Arabs

Is Facebook blocking Arabic names and the word "Palestinian" from being used on it’s site?  It seemed that way to the Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet, who were apparently blocked from creating a page on the popular website (note: not a group … Read More

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Jews Watching Mad Men: Season 4, Episode 1

Season four of Mad Men has begun.  To many, the show is the best example of how television has changed for the better, and for us at Jewcy HQ, it’s become something of an obsession we need to review on … Read More

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Gary Shteyngart Buys a Baller Ass House

In what we assume will be our final Gary Shteyngart posting of the month, the Super Sad True Love Story author is banking on a big winner with his latest book, and has bought a New York apartment for $1.175 … Read More

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Jewcy Interviews: Starlee Kine

In 1997, Starlee Kine, then a bookstore clerk living in New York’s East Village, was interviewed by This American Life’s Paul Tough for a segment about her tumultuous relationship with her neighbor “Helga”. This chance meeting changed Kine’s life forever: … Read More

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Fifty First (J) Dates: The Chauvinist

My date was charming, chivalrous, and unfortunately, somewhat of a chauvinist. What I wore: Calvin Klein black sandal stilettos, J Brand black jeans that at this point are so worn out I shouldn’t wear them out in public, a Tucker … Read More

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Watch: Andy Borowitz Introduces Us to Palinese

Andy Borowitz, the official comedian of people who read The New Yorker and own a television, but only watch PBS, has seen the future. Warning: it’s a terrifying future where Sarah Palin is president, and we all speak her language. … Read More

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Monday Jewce: Shimon Peres Speaks, Mad Men Creator Discusses Premier, Pacino’s Shylock, and More

Tablet Mag talks to Israeli President Shimon Peres. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, talks about last nights premiere.  There are supposedly two types of Shylock: the misunderstood antihero, and the original bad Jewish stereotype.  Which one does Al Pacino play? … Read More

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The Sunday Mazel: A Couple of Nice Jewish Kids in The Bronx

Sometimes we hear about weddings that we’re jealous we can’t attend, and other times we write about massive celebrations. This week the Sunday Mazel goes out to Jordan Cuttler Katz and David Bahar.  The couple are tying the knot at the … Read More

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