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Monday Jewce: Shalom Auslander, The Emmys, Dumb Germans, Kosher Hawaii Five-O and More

The Emmys last night, pretty great, right?  (Via Vulture)  A conversation with Shalom Auslander (Via The Rumpus) The first obstacle in the upcoming Middle East peace talks.  (Via NY Times) "All Jews share a certain gene" – Some German guy … Read More

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The Sunday Mazel: A Daily Show Wedding

It wasn’t easy picking between the JuBu wedding, the couple with similar dining tastes, and a ceremony that was probably had some sweet suits, so we made it easy on ourselves, and picked The Daily Show writer getting married to … Read More

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TV Buddahs: Proto Punk Born in Tel Aviv

It’s not every day that we come across bands full of Tel Aviv residents (now living in Germany) playing proto punk jams that bring to mind Richard Hell, Television, or The Modern Lovers. So when we heard about TV Buddahs, … Read More

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Amanda Cohen to be First Vegetarian Chef on Iron Chef America

Amanda Cohen has created a reputation for herself as a chef defiantly supportive of vegetables.  When she opened her restaurant Dirt Candy (which is certified Kosher) a few years ago, she received just as much attention for her blog, a … Read More

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The Jewish Mother’s Guide To Style: Designer Lines for Payless

As a Jewish stylist I typically confront a common issue when it comes to giving style advice to everyone from clients, friends, family and co-workers – money. He who famously said "Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems" was having a mental lapse … Read More

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The Weekly Yiderati: Franzen’s Jew Mistake, Harold Bloom’s Hair, Golems, Ben Greenman, and More

According to Marc Tracy at Tablet, Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel (and presidential beach read) Freedom, is a great novel with just one tiny problem: a (minor) Jewish character who doesn’t seem to fit the real life profile of a Jewish, … Read More

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Jewcy Picks the Emmy Winners

While the quality of television has been on the up, the shows that get nods from the Emmy committee seem to be the same.  But one fact remains year after year: a lot of Jews are involved one way or … Read More

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Franz Kafka International Airport Sucks

It’s hard to believe, but there are actually still people that don’t realize that The Onion is a satirical newspaper. I’m begging you, if you know one of these people, please, for the love of G to the D, show … Read More

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