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Heeb the Magazine is Dead

That’s what this blog post by Publisher Joshua Neuman said.  It’s been an interesting eight-year run for the quarterly magazine, one that began with an initial blessing (and financial backing) from big wigs like Steven Spielberg and Charles Bronfman.  Their … Read More

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Fifty First (J) Dates: Five Places to Meet Boys

So I know this article has been done time and time again, but below is a list of five places I’ve met guys before (in PERSON, ::gasp::) and maybe you will too. Who am I to turn to for dating … Read More

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Lady Gaga for Rosh Hashana

This Jews doing Gaga thing is becoming a huge trend.  Skip the first forty seconds for the real New Year magic.    Thanks @TheJewishDream

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Making with the Funny: Adira Amram Talks Juggalos and Tao Lin

On this latest episode of Making with the Funny: Adam talks to Adiram Amram about juggalos and Tao Lin‘s newest book, Richard Yates.  But you know, in a funny way.

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The Ira Glass Infatuation Post/This American Life Roundup: Rest Stop

Nearing the end of summer, the city cools off while Glass is a liquid turning to plasma in the volcanic heat that is this week’s episode: Rest Stop. Accompanied by a picture slideshow, this repeat episode airs exactly one year … Read More

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What do Gene Simmons, Leonard Bernstein, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Sean Connery all Have in Common?

They all share a birthday today! I know you are sitting there asking yourself the same question I am: how could it happen that 2 titans of American Jewish music share a birthday with the father of Miley Cyrus, and … Read More

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Announcing the 2010 Six Points Fellowships

Today, The Six Points Fellowship for emerging Jewish artists announced it’s newest fellows.  Nine artists were named, who are all working on an original project that explores the connection between artistic disciplines and Jewish cultural expression, and best represent flourishing … Read More

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Gathering of the Ashkenaz

After all the fun had at the Gathering of the Juggalos (Tila Tequila getting rocks thrown at her, people in clown makeup, people who like meth) you really have to wonder how the upcoming Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto can top … Read More

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