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Shalom Auslander Continues To Do His Self-Hating Jew Thing

Shalom Auslander does a short interview and covers all the bases. Read More

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Daily Jewce: Borat 2, Lieberman Talks North Korea, Black Swan, Buffy Comes Back, And More

Today in new, the Israeli foreign minister calls North Korea crazy, and we actually agree; Kazakhstan responds to “Borat” four years after it came out, Buffy comeback announcement makes us say “meh?” and more. Read More

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The Emanuels Named As The Jewish Kennedys

Gabrielle Emanuel, niece of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Hollywood power agent Ari, scored a Rhodes scholarship. Are the Emanuels the Jewish version of Americas most famous family? Read More

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Making With The Funny: Eugene Mirman Hates Communists, But Loves Bowling

We put Eugene Mirman to the test on a litany of topics including malt liquor, communism, and a little event called Festival of Strikes, which he happens to be hosting on November 30th at Brooklyn Bowl. Read More

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Pink, Green, and Jewish: My So-Called Preppy Life

A Jew grows up in the heart of WASP country — and lives to write about it. Read More

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FFJD: 21st Century Yentas

A handy guide to being set up as well as setting up in the 21st century. Read More

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Does Perl Girl Baking Really Make The World’s Best Rugalach?

Joanna Perl of Perl Girl Baking uses the immortal words of Linda Richman as the mantra for her new company: out to make “The World’s Best Rugalach (Really),” her treats melt in your mouth, “like buttah.” Read More

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Stupid Schmucks Make a Swastika Out Of Folding Chairs…Then Get Arrested

Two guys + 18 folding chairs designed into a Nazi symbol + parking lot of synagogue in one of the most Jewish neighborhoods in New York = Recipe for disaster. Read More

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