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The Post-Klezmer Of Geoff Berner

Geoff Berner wanted to beef up his klezmer sound, so he called up the perfect producer for the job. Read More

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Daily Jewce: Palestinian Document Summary, No Twitter in Egypt, Hitler’s Bodyguard, Adam Levin And More

Today in news: attempting to summarize the 1,600 leaked Palestinian documents, Twitter is banned in Egypt, Hitler’s former bodyguard can’t sign any more autographs and more. Read More

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The Jewish Influence On “Where The Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak’s inspiration for the names of his monsters in his book Where The Wild Things Are might surprise you. Read More

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Lebanon Watch: Day 1 (“Days of Rage,” Clinton Reacts, Hezbollah/Drug Cartel Connection)

Day 1 of monitoring media reaction to the media reaction nomination of Najib Mikati as prime minister of Lebanon. Read More

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Jewish Oscar Nomination Roundup

Look down the list of Oscar nominees. It’s a litany of Jewish names among dozens of actors, actresses, writers, directors and other brilliant film people Read More

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Unclear Origins: Swiss Investigate Museum Collections for Nazi Looted Art

What is to become of paintings with such shady origins as those in Swiss museums suspected of being products of Nazi looting? Revisiting the landmark case involving a Klimt of similar provenance that became the most expensive painting ever sold may shed some light. Read More

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Daily Jewce: Shmuley Talks “Skins,” Jon Stewart On Fox Nazi Use, Jewish Soccer Chairmen, Jews Defend Anti-Semites And More

In the news today: Shmuley on “Skins,” Jon Stewart talks about how much Fox loves talking about Nazis, soccer Jews, defending Céline and much more. Read More

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Jews Watching Big Love: All The Pligy Ladies

The rest of this week’s episode faltered here and there, but was all around, a very strong episode. In a final season, we hope to feel like we’re moving forward every moment, constantly pushing to wrap up loose ends. Read More

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