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Daily Jewce: Qaddafi Films, Dov Charney’s Babysitter, Kibbutz Life, Gay Muslims And More

In the news: films bankrolled by Muammar Qaddafi’s son, American Apparel’s founder has somebody watching over him, kibbutz life in the 21st century and much more. Read More

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FFJD: Losing Yourself (Not an Eminem Reference.)

I hear many tales of girls (and guys) losing themselves in relationships. Maybe it’s just really fun to never put on a skirt ever again, sit in so-lows, and watch American Idol with your boyfriend. Read More

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Notes From The Delegation (Pt. 2): The Pursuit Of Justice

The passion for social justice is, thankfully, not limited to rabbis. The work of tikkun olam requires partnership between professionals and lay people. Read More

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Judd Greenstein & Olga Bell

The Yehudim is a mixed ensemble of voices, vintage keyboards, electric guitars and basses, and percussion, conceived of and directed by composer Judd Greenstein. This concert will feature a four-movement, continuous set from Sh’lomo, Greenstein’s re-imagining of the King Solomon … Read More

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What Does Jewish Service Look Like?

Turns out, the answer to that question is as varied as the people engaging in the service itself. Read More

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Daily Jewce: Fans Of Moshe Katsav, Things That Should Maybe Be Kosher, Matisyahu Vs. Drake And More

In the news today: A bunch of rabbis tell Israeli rapist ex-president to stay strong, “Mazel” coffee isn’t kosher, Jewish rappers feud and much more. Read More

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The Pleasure Principle: Freudian Sex Advice with Bambi: Multilingual Blowjobs

Try going French, it couldn’t hurt. Read More

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Jewcy Art: Maya Escobar

Catching up with Anti-Feminist Feminist Jewish Latina artist, Maya Escobar. Read More

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