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Daily Jewce: Don’t Mess With Hasidic Drug Smugglers, Philip Roth, And More

In the news today: Satmar Hasids know the reason for the disasters in Japan, Philip Roth gets profiled, Major League Baseball as a reality show, and much more. Read More

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The Sway Machinery

The Sway Machinery perform at the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival. The Sway Machinery’s new CD “The House of Friendly Ghosts, Vol. 1 featuring Khaira Arby” is available now from JDub Records. $20

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Israeli Design: The 6th Biennale of Israeli Ceramics

Israeli Design: The 6th Biennale of Israeli Ceramics Read More

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5 Ways To Love Matzah After Passover

I think matzah is delicious, and I will come out and confess that Pesach isn’t the only time of year I keep a box handy. Here is a quick breakdown of my top five matzah spreads, and the best time of year to try them. Read More

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Jews Watching Mad Men?

No Mad Men till 2012? WTF? Read More

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Daily Jewce: Annexing The West Bank, Syrian Cabinet Quits, Gilbert Gottfried, And More

Inthe news today: Israel considers annexing parts of the W. Bank settlement blocs, Syria cleans out the cabinet, Holocaust movies made in China, and more. Read More

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High Standards or Unrealistic Expectations?

Let’s not talk Dickens. Let’s talk about the great expectations you have when it comes to dating. Read More

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Yom Kippur Comes Early For AJWS

Ruth Messinger, president of American Jewish World Service (AJWS), is fasting this week to protest cuts to the U.S.’s humanitarian aid budget being voted on in Congress. Read More

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