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The Monday Mazel: A Rabbi And A Reverend Walk Into A Bar (Mitzvah)

Give it a dozen or so years, and these lovebirds will be making a yenta somewhere proud at Baby’s bar/ bat mitzvah. Hopefully the reverend is invited to that joyous occasion, too. Read More

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Daily Jewce: 1000 Naked Israelis, IKEA Founder Feeling Guilty About Nazi Past, Palestinian State Support, And More

In the news today: BBC polls 19 countries on possible Palestinian state, IKEA founder giving away even more money, Israelis get naked for art, and much more. Read More

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ArtOnBrighton Festival

Announcing ArtOnBrighton – a two-day art festival that will take place on the Brighton Beach strip of Brooklyn, otherwise known as “Little Russia by the Sea.” The ArtOnBrighton festival will feature video, installation art, and music performances along the Brighton … Read More

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This American Life Ira Glass Manfatuation Post: Ten Years In

Ira Glass and crew do their own version of a 9/11 commemorative show. Read More

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Shtickball: Where I Complain About The Lack Of Complaining Israeli Tennis Players

Israeli tennis players are experiencing somewhat of a resurgence, with names like Dudi Sela, Shahar Pe’er and Amir Weubtraub leading the charge. Why aren’t they embracing their culture by whining? Read More

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Daily Jewce: David Copperfield, Blogging Rebbetzins, Nicole Krauss, Israelis In Germany, And More

In the news today: a magician is another year older, blogging about becoming the wife of a rabbi, Israelis moving to Germany, and much more. Read More

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An Opinion On Israel Maybe Being “Over”

To use a term like “over” in regards to Israel’s problems as a country seems to fit somewhere in between a fanatical dictator saying the country should be wiped off the map (that would render the country as over), and Boogie Down Productions claiming that hip hop in Queens was finished when they proclaimed “The Bridge is Over.” Read More

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The Weekly Yiderati: Damn It Feels Good To Be A Funny Jewish Writer

Is anthology of funny American writings the most Jewish book of the year? Read More

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