About Cheryl Pascaul

Cheryl uses vibrant color to evoke emotions and happy memories, playful patterns and characters, and gives new ways of looking at familiar objects. Her work shows a passion of color, spontaneity, and simplicity, expressed with an intensity of emotion and childlike innocence. She has several styles and mediums including abstracts in acrylic, a digital series, photography, and a whimsical monster series.
She is self-taught and has a wonderfully technical yet emotional artistic skill that was developed over a quarter of a century of drawing, painting, and experimenting with anything she could get her hands on. Many of her creations arise out of her willingness to experiment with abandon. Intuition tells her when a piece is complete otherwise she will continue to experiment until she is happy with it. Like Darwin’s theory of evolution a piece will accumulate various mutations/modifications over time until in the end it is a completely different piece. Often she develops new techniques and styles of her own through this process.
Like many well know artists she has an innate gift and creates images that everyone can appreciate, if not at an intellectual level she’ll grab them in the gut and leave a lasting impression.

Cheryl Pascaul

By May 21, 2008

I aim to 'tickle': to remind people of something vaguely familiar, to leave a positive impression and elicit an emotion, to invoke a memory, to tease out a thought or start a discussion, to tell a story or draw out … Read More