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I am the assistant editor at Jewcy, a freelance writer and a unicorn fanatic. I love rock n' roll and literature, bohemianism and the culinary arts--primarily the art of the perfect pizza.

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Auto Bailout is “Ass-Backwards,” Obama Inadvertently Incriminated Blagojevich, and Recession As Birth Control

By December 10, 2008

Here are today’s top news stories in no particular order: The auto bailout deal has been finalized, but according to Republicans it’s "ass-backwards." The recession is a great birth control alternative: According to the Los Angeles Times, birthrates are on … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Illinois Gov. Arrested For Trying To Sell Obama’s Senate Seat, A Day Without Gays and Fran Drescher for Senate

By December 9, 2008

Here are the day’s top stories in no particular order: The day of the invisible gay: Homosexuals and heteros are both encouraged to "call in gay" on Wednesday, December 10 to protest California’s Proposition 8, which prohibits gay marriage. Disposable … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: 9/11 Masterminds Ask To Confess, F-18 Jet Crashes and Drunk Driver Kills While Climaxing

By December 8, 2008

Masterminds behind 9/11 attacks are ready to confess at Guantanamo Bay. Over the weekend SNL celebrated premature ejaculation with this catchy ditty and glossy video. Drunk driver causes fatal accident during a high-speed pleasuring session. Riots in Greece continue to … Read More

Matisyahu and Sephardic Music Festival Ticket Giveaways

By December 4, 2008

Need a pre-holiday pick me up? Thankfully awesome music site Shemspeed.com and news resource JTA have partnered up for a Hanukkah ticket giveaway extravaganza. Enter to not only win tickets to reggae-hip hop virtuoso Matisyahu‘s Festival of Light Tour, but … Read More