About Howard Schweber

Howard Schweber is an associate professor of political science and law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He is the author of books on the First Amendment, American legal history, and constitutional philosophy, and articles on numerous subjects. Before becoming a college teacher, at various times in the past he has worked as a lawyer, a construction worker, a social worker, a janitor, and playing piano in a bar in Jerusalem.  In 2005 he was a judge in the City of Madison's annual Halloween costume contest, and in 2008 he represented the Latke side in the annual Latke-Hammentaschen debate.

The Worst Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage

By October 23, 2008

Last week the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that the state must extend the legal status of marriage to same-sex couples. Their argument involved a determination that homosexuals constitute a quasi-suspect class, but I’m not really interested in that at the … Read More

Which Comes First, Economics Or Politics?

By October 21, 2008

There is an old child’s joke that goes like this. "Rabbi David, Rabbi David, why does the dog wag his tail?" "Because, my child, the dog is bigger than his tail. If the tail was bigger, perhaps the tail would … Read More