About Mia-Rut

To be clear Mia Rut (pronounced root) is one of those double first name deals (or first then middle name) so I'd prefer not to be called Ms. (middle name)

I'm from a seriously bad-ass Christian family (my mom's a minister and my sisters have been missionaries in African countries).  But I'm all but a mikvah away from being a Jew.

Easter with a Christian Libertarian Environmentalist Lunatic Farmer

By April 5, 2010

When I was very little, my dream job was to be a farmer. The small family farms in rural Pennsylvania where I grew up romanticized the idea of farming.  We didn’t have enough land to have anything but a small … Read More

The Audacity of Hopelessness

By January 28, 2010

“Jobs must be our focus in 2010,” President Obama said last night to thunderous applause during his State of the Union address. “We can put Americans to work today to build the America of tomorrow.” Hope oozed out of his … Read More

Duck Bacon Three-Way

By January 15, 2010

The first time I tried it, I was in a group.  The second time, it was with a married man.  The last time, I was alone and loved every minute of it.  It had started while I was doing my … Read More

F*ing The Christmas Tree Guy

By December 7, 2009

Barely before the Thanksgiving leftovers are in the fridge and that last dish is washed, Christmas invades the New York City like the traditional consumerism orgy that it has become.  Stores decorate garishly in glitter, tinsel and twinkly lights, people … Read More

The Thanksgiving Hunter and Gatherer

By November 24, 2009

I love cooking big dinners, especially when they come with interesting dishes or new culinary challenges.  Thanksgiving has been a favorite of mine for a long time, since I have in part not been celebrating the Jewish holidays for all … Read More

Unemployment: Adventures in Pickling

By November 12, 2009

It all started with an excessive amount of cabbage. One of my housemates wanted to make a pretty and delicious green and purple cabbage salad for a dinner party she was attending. “Why are your cabbages so big in this … Read More

Can There Be Peace Without Any Bagels? (Updated)

By October 26, 2009

“It is early, and I need carbs. You can quote me on that,” said Lilit Marcus, Jewcy’s Editor, this morning as I walked in (late) for the 9:00 AM sessions at the J Street Conference. “How can there be 1,200 … Read More

Homeless for the Holidays

By September 27, 2009

The week before Rosh Hashanah this year was not at all what I had expected.  On Sunday, while recovering from the flu, I paid bills, gave tzedakah and sent out a few holiday cards.  I got up and went to … Read More