About MikeDarnell

I was born in Jerusalem in 1974.

I am an autodidact with extensive experience as a graphic designer, and have specialized in branding, business-marketing communications and website design.

I am currently:

An artist creating Pop and Abstract art, digital prints with biblical, erotic, Jewish, mythical, political, and technological themes - browse my gallery at:

Creative Director at http://www.Oleh.com
( see also http://www.readerimpact.com )

A stakeholder of http://www.Speakitz.com

A lecturer at the HIT's School of Design, were I have been giving a course in "Foundations of Design" since 2005.
Course blog:

I serve as a consultant and lecturer at the Jerusalem's Business Development Center (MATI).
Course blog:

Since early 2006 I have also started creating digital images which are on display in a number of galleries:

I founded Tria Design Studio (tria.co.il) and was one of it's principals until late in 2007.

I have taught at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Hadassah College in Jerusalem.

Mike Darnell

By July 30, 2008

My name is Mike Darnell. I am an Israeli artist. I was born in Jerusalem in on the 13th of May 1974. My formal education was a short stint at the department of Industrial Design at Haddasah College in Jerusalem, … Read More