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Daniel Sieradski is an interdisciplinary artist and documentarian investigating post-normative forms of Jewish cultural expression. Director of Technology for Repair the World, former Director of Digital Media for JTA News and founding publisher of the pioneering blog Jewschool, he is also a web strategist and designer serving the non-profit sector. “An innovator in Jewish new media.” — Editor & Publisher

You’re Never Too Old To Watch Shalom Sesame’s “Tikkun Olam Song”

By November 3, 2010

Ask a Jewish kid who grew up in the ’80s for their favorite examples of Jewish popular culture from that era and you’re certain to encounter fond memories of Muppets with a penchant for Hebrew, Jewish holidays and gloriously bad puns. Often they’ll give you just two words: “Moishe Oofnik!”
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HuffPo: Jews are single issue voters

By October 6, 2010

The Huffington Post recently published part one of a five part series called “The Jewish Problem with Obama,” authored by Ed Klein and Rick Chesnoff, and it is a ginormous piece of unfactual shit that seeks to portray Jews as … Read More

7 Reasons I’m Conflicted About the Freedom Flotilla

By June 2, 2010

1. The blockade of Gaza is wrong and must end. After several years, I think we can all agree that Israel’s not going to succeed in starving the Palestinian people into rejecting Hamas. It didn’t work in Cuba, it’s not … Read More

Rabbi Eric Yoffie’s Remarks Sharpen Differences Between Jewish Leaders and Youth Over Human Rights

By November 2, 2009

Rabbi Eric Yoffie addresses a plenary session at J Street’s first national conference in Washington, D.C., October 26, 2009. (Photo: Daniel Sieradski) On Monday, October 26, Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, America’s largest Jewish religious … Read More

Peace Lobby Breaks from Left as Conference Approaches

By October 25, 2009

J Street, the self-dubbed "pro-Israel, pro-peace" lobby, has visibly distanced itself from individuals and organizations on the left in advance of its first national convention. As neoconservative columnists and other hawkish pro-Israel voices mount pressure on members of congress to … Read More

Neocons Target Pro-Peace Lobby

By October 21, 2009

As the pro-peace, pro-Israel lobby J Street’s first annual conference approaches, neoconservatives are leading an effort to undermine the group and diminish its support on Capitol Hill. Initially dismissed by more hawkish pro-Israel groups as irrelevant, J Street has become … Read More

How Avigdor Lieberman’s Policies Will Ravage Hasbara

By February 10, 2009

Israel has never been the most popular of nations. Since its inception, the Jewish state has consistently found itself in the precarious position of having to choose between shielding its public image and implementing arguably necessary security measures that inevitably … Read More

Disenfranchised Jewish Brits Play a Prank on Organized British Jewry

By January 13, 2009

Over the weekend Facebook swelled with postings from British Jews seeking to verify an unusual and unexpected email appearing to have been sent by Britain’s primary Jewish institution. The email claimed that a pro-Israel rally in London’s Trafalgar Square planned … Read More