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My name is Suzanne M. Falk and I am a photo realist painter. I am represented by Perihelion Arts in Phoenix, and have a shows coming up in Palm Springs with M Modern in May.  I am also an honorary member of the L.A. Art Girls and have performed at the Getty.
My paintings can take as long as 5 months to complete but most take on average about 2 or 3. What I am after is this... I want to take you to a place that you kind-of sort-of remember - a place that is shiny and vivid, as close to three dimensional as possible, a place where you believe in magic, mind reading, that your toys live another life, where you can light fireworks, sit on a bug, fall in love, cry hard and deep about all those horrible fleshy monsters and the spit they've left on your undergarments. Just settle in for a while and just listen to the voices mumbling, crying, screaming.
I've been told me that my work reminds people of old cartoon stills...and it got me to thinking about one of my earliest influences, the view master!! I want you to feel like it is just you and the little room lit by the sun or your flashlight late at night and you can almost get inside as long as you can wish hard enough but you have to hold your breath and almost die to do it.
I am currently working on a comic strip called "theneighborhood©" and my new project "Blackie Blackheart and the Magic Wishing Cave". I fill the rest of my time working with ink and or watercolors, on long dreamy walks with my dog, sleeping, crying and being in love. I think about everything a lot - I am stuck on my grandmothers box full of wishing bones, deadly spiders bites, childhood trauma, learning to fly, shiny sharp house scissors, dreams about baby lambs, murder in the desert and sun bleached doc martins with cut laces I'll never see again, the permanent loss of innocence.

Suzanne M. Falk

By May 28, 2008

My work is an escape as well as a submersion into my own magical thinking, childhood, and life traumas. It is based on visions, dreams, horrors, the search of love, salvation, dark humor, and gifts that I find on long … Read More