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The Big Lebowski 2?

Tara Reid told the world about the Lebowski sequel that nobody else seemed to know anything about. Read More

By / February 7, 2011
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The Dude abides, Tara Reid not so much.  At a recent benefit show, Reid was asked by reporters about her upcoming projects.  Unsurprisingly, she mentioned that an American Pie 4 was on the horizon, but then Reid dropped a little movie news nugget that was about as surprising as they come.  According to Tara Reid, she would be working on “The Big Lebowski 2” in the coming year.

Reid’s reps quickly issued a statement that she was merely confused based on a statement Jeff Bridges had made expressing interest in doing a Lebowski sequel.

The Coens said that they had no plans to work on sequel and then poked a bit of fun.  However, thanks to Tara Reid’s confusion, the question is now officially out there, should there be a Lebowski sequel?