Weekly Yiderati: Cynthia Ozick Gets Dissed And Interviewed, Saul Bellow’s Girlfriend Yetta, Jumbo Lexicons And More

Our weekly literature links include Cynthia Ozick having a new book out, Saul Bellow’s letters getting reviewed, Jonathan Safran Foer’s new “cut up” book and more. Read More

By / November 18, 2010

James Wolcott talks about Cynthia Ozick at Vanity Fair.  Titles the article “The Kvetcher in the Rye.”  Even though I think he’s bashing Ozick (who I love), I still have to give him points for cleverness.

The Daily Beast interviews Ms. Ozick.

Making sense of Aleksandar Hemon’s “Jumbo Lexicon.”

Saul Bellow had a girlfriend named Yetta, and other interesting things I never knew until reading this review.

Talking about the weirdness that is Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes.