Which Big Book Will Keep You Safe?

The battle to find out which large Jewish work of fiction was the best wasn’t settled. The one that would stop a bullet was. Read More

By / January 4, 2011

Back in November I asked if there was enough room in the world for two very large Jewish works of fiction; citing the possible feud between authors Adam Levin and Joshua Cohen due to Cohen’s review of Levin’s book, The Instructions.

That led me and a few other folks to thinking what the best way to settle the dispute as to what exactly the most superior large book of last year was.  Of course since we did this over several pints of beer, we came up with the brilliant idea to take the books and shoot them — and to maybe include a few other notable titles as well.

Somehow, unlike 98% of all the other brilliant drunken ideas that seem to be slept off just prior to experiencing hangover, this one came to fruition.   The good folks at Electric Literature secured a location, and we were finally able to come to the conclusion that Witz by Joshua Cohen, is indeed the best book to have protecting your vital organs if you go into a bad neighborhood.