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Is ‘Imposters’ the Next Jewish TV Show?

The drama stars Israeli actor Inbar Lavi. Read More

By / January 6, 2017


If you’ve seen Facebook ads, or even real life billboards, about a man named Ezra Bloom looking for his missing wife, do not worry. It’s a viral ad campaign (arguably a manipulative one) for an upcoming TV show: Imposters.

All of these ads will eventually connect you to a Tumblr page of a man issuing a plea that his wife of five weeks was a con artist who took all of his assets and disappeared.

Ezra Bloom is a fictional millionaire on the Bravo TV show set to premiere February 7. Imposters is about a con artist who seduces men and women before absconding with their cash, and the victims who try to track her down. The con artist, Maddie to Ezra, but also known as Ava, Alice, or Saffron (of all names), is played by Israeli actor Inbar Lavi.

The con-artist character does have a foreign accent, even a bit stronger than Lavi’s one in real life. And in the trailer you can see that the Bloom wedding was a Jewish affair (“MAZEL TOV,” we hear, as Ezra breaks a glass).

So maybe the show will be better than the viral marketing campaign (it is not cool to try to convince someone that a fictional character was a real villain), and maybe there will be lots of Jewishness and Israeliness along the way.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for Imposters below:

Image via Tumblr