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The Wave Of The Israeli TV Adaptations Continues

This time starring David Schwimmer. Read More

By / February 3, 2014

Israeli TV is taking over the world! (Or at least the Emmys.) Leading the latest charge is David Schwimmer, who has been doing… what, exactly, since Friends ended? We’re not sure. Anyway! His latest project sounds cool. It’s an adaptation of the hit Israeli TV show Bilti Hafich, which is a bit like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but instead of Larry David driving everyone crazy, it’s a couple with a baby. (WHICH TOTALLY RESONATES, amirite?!) The U.S. version will be called Irreversible and David Schwimmer will star as the hapless writer Dad.

We’re sure this one will go down a treat with the Silver Lake/Park Slope/[insert hip urban baby-filled neighborhood here] set. Or it could be terrible. We’ll see.

Behatzlacha, David!