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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Guns Against Sotomayer, Quassams Return, and Tenth Anniversary of JFK Jr. Death

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order:   It’s official, I feel ancient. Because I remember this vividly. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr. You may recall, he, his wife Carolyn, and his … Read More

By / July 16, 2009

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order:


  • Uh oh! Actress Mischa Barton (think: The O.C.) was reportedly removed from her home by police and hospitalized under an involuntary psychiatric hold.
  • Look, cruise ship cabins may be close quarters for quarreling couples, but it shouldn’t come to this: a man allegedly killed his wife on a cruise to Mexico after an argument in their cabin.
  • Just a day after the release of Harry Potter, word has it that Emma Watson, known for her role as Hermione, is crossing the pond to attend Brown University in the fall. She said she plans to take a break from acting in college.
  • Preparations for a Madonna concert in France turned deadly when the stage collapsed amid construction, killing one and injuring six others when the stage finally fell apart. Madonna is reportedly "devastated."
  • It was Emmy morning in Hollywood today. Feelings were bittersweet over the nomination of "Farrah’s Story" for best non-fiction television special, just three weeks after the actress’ death.