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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Prison Torture Pictures to be Released; Leno Ill, Cancels Taping; No Crackberry for Obama

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: A deadly epidemic of swine flu, most often caused by contact with pigs, has claimed the lives of at least 60 in Mexico since mid-March. Some schools have been shut down as a result of … Read More

By / April 24, 2009

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order:

  • The U.S. Capitol building was evacuated briefly while the White House was locked down after a pilot was seen flying in restricted airspace. He rerouted his course after being asked.
  • The Pentagon has agreed to release dozens of previously restricted Abu Ghraib detainee photos. The photos provide proof that prisoner abuse was widespread.
  • President Obama still hasn’t gotten his super-secure crackberry–I mean, BlackBerry–and has been forced to go through inconvenient measures to send and receive mobile emails. The NSA is delaying approval, but the souped-up BlackBerry 8830 should be ready soon.
  • Tonight Show host Jay Leno cancelled tapings for last night and this evening after being admitted to the hospital with a mystery illness. He is expected to be fine and will likely return to the set on Monday. This is the first taping he’s cancelled in the show’s 17-year run.
  • Three women were found dead in an autoglass shop in a remote area outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their deaths have been ruled homicides, but little more has been released.