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Kosher For Your Jewfro?

Meet Kosher Kurl: an $18 bottle of the “best leave-in conditioner in the world.” Read More

By / August 8, 2011
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Just when I thought there was no hope for my hair, Refinery29 goes and introduces me to Kosher Kurls–an $18 bottle of the “best leave-in conditioner in the world.”  Founder Davida Aprons really goes the distance here, instructing customers to apply a “bisel” and “shmer” it into their hair while it’s still damp.  I mean, there are plenty of hair products out there aimed at different ethnicities, and I suppose it was only a matter of time until someone figured out that Jews tend to have weird hair; however, I haven’t tried Kosher Kurls (feel free to send a bottle my way, Davida) so I’m not sure whether it will work for my finicky curls.  My hair isn’t coarse, but it tends to frizz, so it needs a product with a firm hand, sort of like a good Hebrew school teacher.  Has anyone out there tried Kosher Kurls yet?

They have totes and tanks too, which strikes me as presumptuous for a company having only one product, but maybe it’s just that good.