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Get Money To Make A Film (Preferably Not About The Holocaust)

If you’re going to make a Jewish film, documentaries are usually where it’s at. Read More

By / April 1, 2011
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If Stanley Kubrick had made “The Aryan Papers,” it would be one of the few non-documentary Holocaust films I care about seeing. That admission probably reveals that I don’t care much about seeing Jewishly-themed non-documentary films, period.

I’d like to think that sooner or later Hollywood will get over this fascination with making movies about the Shoah.  Either that, or people will eventually get tired of seeing them.  I’m not against “never forgetting,” but consider this my plea to people who make movies to stop depicting SS guards as guys with English accents, or making overly-dramatic crap that is actually disrespectful to the millions who perished, and the many more who barely survived.

Documentaries are usually where it’s at.

The Lynn and Jules Kroll Fund for Jewish Documentary Film has helped fund documentaries on topics like the relationship between Holocaust survivors and their tattoos, the artist Joann Sfar, and Susan Sontag.  Other previous grantees include acclaimed films Waltz with Bashir and Budrus. In short, this is the sort of like the Top Gun grant for Jewish films.  Everything they are involved with is good, and if you’ve got a smart Jewish doc. idea, you should submit.