Good Romance: Lady Gaga to Perform in Israel For a Second Time

But how will she improve on that studded leather Star of David jacket?! Read More

By / February 24, 2014

Gird your loins, Israel: Lady Gaga is coming.

Last week, Israeli TV show “Good Evening with Guy Pines” announced that the mega-star would perform at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park on September 13, as part of her ARTPOP tour. Gaga confirmed it herself on Friday with this exuberantly illustrated tweet:

This will be Lady Gaga’s second performance in Israel. When she first visited in 2009, she “felt so much love” that she wore a studded Star of David leather jacket to her press conference (and then again in Heathrow Airport—sans pants, natch).

Other big acts set to tour Israel in 2014: the Pixies, Soundgarden, and (TBC) the Rolling Stones.