Hanukkah Glitter Rock (For a Cause)

The closest thing you will get to a Marc Bolan Hanukkah song. Read More

By / December 21, 2011
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New York DJ/total mensch Jonathan Toubin was in a freak car accident a few weeks back, and the response from the rock world has been massive, with benefits being put on in cities from coast to coast featuring (among others) the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Neil Hamburger, Margaret Cho, and Jon Spencer’s rockabilly band, Heavy Trash.

His friends Will Berman and Alix Brown also sprung into action by creating what might be the first ever Hanukkah glitter rock (Bolan, Bowie, etc.) song ever, and all proceeds go to helping Toubin with the long recovery he’s got ahead of him.

Even though we’re usually pretty hard to please when it comes to Hanukah songs, we must suggest you pay the one dollar to download “One Night of Hanukkah (With You),” and consider making it a holiday staple from here on out.