The World Tries Its Best To Deal With Post-Beard Matisyahu

Day one of Matisyahu without a beard. We can do it together. Read More

By / December 14, 2011
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Dear Jews,

We can make it through this!  Matisyahu’s beard does not represent us as a people.  We have gotten through tougher things.  If you really are upset about this, you can grow your own beard!  We know that you may face certain constrictions from letting you do so (you’re a woman, you’re one of those guys who “can’t really grow a beard,” etc.), but that’s fine.  It will all be totally alright!

With that in mind, we present the one and only (we hope) post-beard roundup.

  • Okay, honestly, if the title of this Jewlicious post was true, that would actually be pretty awesome.
  • The New York Daily News takes a look at celebrities going grizzly as a tribute to Matisyahu going clean.  (That doesn’t totally make sense since you’re essentially celebrating the opposite, but whatever works…)
  • Former JDub labelmates Golem want to remember Matisyahu for the guy he was:

  • And Punk Torah wants to remind everybody out there that while we’re all dissecting a guy shaving off his beard, children are dying.  Of course while we’re talking about just about any subject, kids are dying.  But in this case, Punk Torah issues a challenge for everybody who is really that upset over this.