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Vegan Black Metal Chef Is Technically Kosher

Vegan Black Metal Chef: His last name sounds more Star of David than Satanic pentagram. Read More

By / September 14, 2011
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I’m not going to straight up ask a guy that wears corpse paint, and has an impressive collection of knives with jagged blades what his religious background is.  In fact, watching any single episode of Vegan Black Metal Chef will probably lead you to conclusion that the host of the brilliant Youtube series is probably affiliated with Beelzebub and/or some long forgotten Norse god from long ago, and that might totally be the case.  I wouldn’t blame you if you also assumed that the guy behind the delicious recipes that have amassed hundreds of thousands of views might be some guy who lives in the mountains of Norway, and might have a chapter dedicated to him in the book Lords of Chaos.  But the thing is, according to his Twitter, he’s a guy named Brian Manowitz, and not Varg or anything like that.

Whatever the case, he might be vegan, and his last name sounds more Star of David than Satanic pentagram, but I’m aware of what happens when you piss off black metal dudes, so I’ll just leave it at that and continue enjoying his videos.