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My Jewish 90210 Crush Just Turned 50

Coming to grips with the fact that your childhood television crush was nearly fifteen years older than you. Read More

By / January 4, 2011

Andrea Zuckerman, Gabrielle Carteris, whatever your name is: you and your friend David Silver were the first Jewish characters I remember on television and for that I will always be grateful.  You came into my life at a really special time (ages 10-15), and you made me think it was okay to be brainy and Jewish.

Sitting here years later, I could look past the fact that in real life you aren’t Jewish, but this week you turned fifty-years-old, and that’s what I have the hardest time believing.

Not that there’s anything wrong with turning fifty –my mom has turned it for the last fifteen years– but when you were supposed to be sixteen, you were almost thirty, which means I was about thirteen and had a crush on a woman way older than me.

There is something seriously wrong with that entire equation, and I can never watch those reruns without feeling a little weird.