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Newsflash: There Is Life In The Israeli Art World Outside Of Its Major Metropolises

A refreshing survey of Israeli art shows there is more to the country than just Tel Aviv. Read More

By / December 9, 2010
Jewcy loves trees! Please don't print!

A refreshing survey of Israeli art graces the pages of Flavorwire today. Artis, the curatorial voice behind the digital-exhibition featuring a variety of mediums, has been providing a forum for artists since 2004 and curates events around the world. Foremost, its cohesive vision in providing exposure to a famously underrepresented Israeli art world outside of the confines of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is impressively user-friendly, and I expect we will hear more from them on our side of the pond in 2011.

From Flavorwire's Artis curatorial overview. Nir Hod, David (2004), oil on canvas