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Old Jewish Guy Talks About The Time Elizabeth Taylor Kissed Him

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By / March 25, 2011
Jewcy loves trees! Please don't print!

After the passing of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, there has been a slew of articles about her storied life that befits one of the most famous personalities the silver screen has ever known (our personal favorite is this one on her favorite gay bar).

None of made us consider the possibility, however, that nearly every single remaining print newspaper in America had one local Liz Taylor that they could fall back on, quite like the story of Gregory Goldbogen.  Mr. Goldbogen is the nephew of the man who Taylor married, and got the starlet to convert to Judaism, Mike Todd.

Even though Goldbogen’s story about meeting Taylor in the 1950s, and then getting snubbed by her fifty years later, is somewhat begin, we figured since everybody else has chosen to weigh in on the passing of a legend, we should also.